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Although men are those who have derailed the idea, but many men are heart didn’t sedan, have the courage to act is just going to see it, my heart still miss home complete. So, I will only carrying a woman with the other girls by mobile phone or QQ said some ambiguous words to ambiguous.
Ex girlfriend is a wound the hearts of women, and is seen as a rival. Many men will say that they did not have any contact with his ex girlfriend. But if you think about it, no one can put the past memory erase all. After two people at odds, he will be in the side quietly miss my ex girlfriend, will take you and ex girlfriend for comparison.
Money is bad man, so many women don’t let men have plenty of money. Men’s hard-earned money is to be handed over to the custody of a woman or a man to make money for two people. Women who are pursuing a mission is: you are my, my my. However, the man to social, but also to the development of some ambiguous relationship, this all need money. So, many men secretly want to leave some women don’t have money, only case-dough, man’s private space will be more and more.
If a man say with you a lifetime only love you a person, then he must cheat you. In this society, people think that red flag at home would not fall, the colorful flags fluttering outside man is very difficult. So, a lot of men willing to challenge, to try their own ability, to see their relationship can not handle inside and outside the home two women.
Men think the women of the family talked too much, after all is said and done are trifles, don’t know what his heart in think. So the man needs to find a confidante, this person can listen to their talk, no matter good or bad can all say out, becomes the mind their trash. She would listen, when necessary, will give some advice, unlike the women of the family, endless.

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In the development of the road feeling, first need is a sense of security. This is the result of many research data. Data show that most of the female friends is through the security factors, and finally develop into love. So this is a what kind of psychology?
Of course, most or not so extreme, or are willing to believe in love. Just have other reasons to support them: the economic base determines the superstructure, the first problem of food and clothing have love. In their eyes, the longing for love, respect the reality. The cruel reality is, it is hard to find a very rich material conditions of the people, but also very much in love with you. As a tall, rich and handsome or beautiful, is not your food. So this problem, select the reality or choose love, can become a problem.
The so-called security sense, is a kind of stable not fear people in the world. If anything make you feel panic and anxiety, then you start to lack a sense of security, panic is greater, the sense of security more scarce. Anxiety is the lack of maximum performance security, the anxiety you now and in the future in some aspect, is showing yourself in this sense of security degree. If you and a person together, he still has this feeling, so that you do not give him a sense of security.
Love is like this, in the world of emotion, a sense of security is the primary factor in the premise, there is a sense of security, love may produce. When a person of another person feel can be assured, rely on, believe, then he give you a sense of security is successfully established, then it will be possible to further relationship. Security is a human instinct, people only consider themselves safe, is likely to consider another person. Maslow in his famous theory of hierarchy of needs, also discusses such a view: a sense of security is the basic need of love, but not.
Love is no guarantee period. If love will die, so why not choose the conditions better, at least it can let oneself in the material life of comfortable, not too painful.

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